Monday, September 10, 2018

A Fall Meal on Display at Riversdale House Museum

Visit the c. 1801 Riversdale House Museum, the original home of George Calvert and Rosalie Stir Calvert and their children, this fall and stumble upon the dining room tables set-up to look as if the Calvert family is just about to sit down to dine. Here is the menu for the first course: pea soup, roast chicken with sweet potatoes, roast pork with winter squash, oysters on the half-shell, stuffed cabbage, and Brussels sprouts. 

Fruit displayed in a piece of the Tucker porcelain set; the c. 1839 china that originally belonged to the Calvert family.

The star of this meal is the Tucker Porcelain. Charles Benedict (C.B.) Calvert (1808-1864), son of George and Rosalie Calvert, married Charlotte Augusta Norris (1816 - 1876) in Baltimore on June 6, 1839. Possibly to commemorate a new era at Riversdale with the installation of Charlotte as the new mistress of Riversdale, C.B. purchased a very expensive set of China in 1839. Through the generosity of surviving Calvert family members, much of the Tucker Porcelain in back home at Riversdale and on display.