Monday, December 1, 2014

Dining Room Christmas Table at the c. 1801 Riversdale House Museum for the 2014 Holiday Season

Almost every year I create a holiday tablescape for the dining room at the c. 1801 Riversdale House Museum in Riverdale Park, Maryland. I use primary sources for inspiration and try to make the foods displayed as seasonal as possible. This year's display is a Christmas Ball Supper that is focused upon Standing Christmas Pies (here is a separate post about the pies). 

Of course, I do have fun embellishing and garnishing the table with lots of Christmas greenery, berries, and fruits. It is important to note that for curatorial purposes all of the food is fake, either being made by myself out of salt dough or being beautifully crafted by artists such as Henri Gadbois. Enjoy!

Overview of main table and side table.

Here is the Schematic of the Dishes on the Table:

Overview of main table.

The Standing Christmas Pies are the focal point of this tablescape.

The side table holds plates, napkins, flatware
as well as the holiday punch, including extra citrus fruit and sugar!
If you live in the Washington DC/Baltimore metropolitan area, take a trip to Riversdale to see the dining room and the rest of the house up close and in person!


  1. a very lovely table setting. Great work!

  2. I can't wait to taste one of the pies!!!

    1. If I can find a smaller pie dolly in London, I will make real raised pies for 12th Night!

  3. It is so realistic, and with an evening backdrop and 'candlelight', you half expect to see Rosalie and George usher their guests in! Very nice, Joyce!


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