Sunday, June 7, 2015

Rum, Lemons, and Green Tea Make This Annapolis White Wine Punch Pop with Flavor!

White Wine Punch

This recipe is from one of my favorite Maryland cook books, The Hammond Harwood House Cook Book by Mrs. Lewis R. Andrews and Mrs. J. Reaney Kelly published in 1963. This recipe is really interesting because though published in 1963 it is very historic given the instructions to rub lemon skins on loaf sugar. Loaf sugar was the solid form in which a cone of solid white sugar wrapped in blue paper was sold until well into the 20th century. Here is an image of this type of sugar:
Loaf Sugar
The recipe is very straight forward therefore I will not transcribe it. However, here are some images of working with the loaf sugar and the lemons. Considering that most people nowadays will not have access to this type of sugar, you can always substitute by either rubbing the lemon oils onto sugar cubes or by using regular granulated sugar and grating/rasping the lemon zest into the punch.

Rub loaf sugar on lemon to extract the oils.


Loaf sugar covered in lemon oil.


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