Historic Recipes

Historic Chocolate Recipes:
Chocolate Almonds: An 18th c. "Eating Chocolate"
Brownies: Vintage Recipes and a History of this Beloved Treat
The Original Toll House Cookie Recipe
Aztec Inspired Chocolate Drink
Eliza Leslie's Choclate Cake. 1847
Chocolate Tart
Chocolate Meringue Biscuits:  One of the Oldest Chocolate Cookies
Chocolate Gelatin
Chocolate Wine
Hot Chocolate:  A 17th c. Spanish Version
Dessert Drops: Clearing the Table in Sweet Style
Chocolate Balls: A Truffle Recipe from 1947 
Chocolate Charlotte Russe

Chocolate Ice Cream

Savoy Cake and Biscuits
Victoria Sandwich Cake
Christmas Fruitcake
Thanksgiving Cake, c.1861
Saleratus Cake
Cup Cake or 1-2-3-4 Cake
Martha Washington's Great Cake
A Rich Cake by Amelia Simmons, 1796, author of America's First Printed Cook Book
Historic Waffles Two Ways: Traditional and Rice
Queen Cakes: Royally Delicious!
Iced Brandy Pound Cake
Mrs. Tawes "Delicious Applesauce Cake"
Watermelon Cake: If There Had Been Pinterest in 1884!
Blueberry History and a Recipe for Berry Tea-Cakes
Early Chemical Leavenings and a Recipe for Saleratus Cake


History of Gingerbread:  There Really Was Bread in It!
Uncommonly Good "Common Gingerbread"
Mini Brandy Gingerbread Cakes
Gingerbread Cookie History & a 19th c. Baltimore Recipe


Lavender Shortbread
Excellent Small Cakes, 1669
Afternoon Tea Scones
Ginger Wafers
Jumbals: A Favorite Tea Cake
From the Pages of Jane Austen's Emma: Routs and Rout-Cakes
Peanut Wafers and a History of Peanut Butter
Whistles: 19th Century American Filled Wafers
Ginger Cakes and Shopping for Spices in 19th Century Baltimore
Shrewsbury Cakes

Pies and Tarts (Sweet & Savory):
Apple Tart by Gervase Markham (1615)
Mr. Woodhouse's Wholesome Apple Tart: From the Pages of Jane Austen's Emma
Cranberry Pie: A Tasty and Historic Addition to the Thanksgiving Table or Anytime!
Apple Tarts, A 16th Century Way
Tarte Owt of Lente (Cheese Tart, c. 16th c.)
A Tart of Green Peas (c.1596)
Quince Pudding in a Paste
To Make a Cover Tart After the French Fashion, c. 1545
Apple Charlotte
Coconut Pudding in a Paste
Mince Pie
Fantaisies de Fees (Fairy Fancies): Pastry in Style
Mary Randolph's Sweet Potato Pudding Pie

Jellies, Puddings and Creams:
Ribband Jelly (Ribbon Gelatin): An 18th Century Recipe Uses Natural Colors to Give a Beautiful Look
A History of Gelatin and A Recipe for Chocolate Jelly
Georgian Wine Cream
Lemon Cream: A Taste of the 19th Century
Coffee Cream: Sweet and Creamy With a Bit of History
Apple Float
Dried Peach Pudding and A Pudding Primer
Orange Ice
Parmesan Cheese Ice Cream (1807)
Raspberry and Red Currant Jelly
Baked Apple Tapioca Pudding
A Fine Cream Flavored with Orange Flower Water and Rosewater
Lemon Blanc Mange
Wine Blanc Mange
White Custards and a Short Custard History Primer
Ice Cream: Sink Your Teeth into this Recipe and Short History
Plum Pudding: Inspiring a Love of Suet
Sago Custard Infused with Nutmeg
Vanilla Custard

Other Sweets:
Candied Oranges:  Fruit Candy Made with Real Fruit
Vermicelly Pudding from Eliza Smith's 1739 Recipe in The Compleat Housewife
14th C. British Apple Fritters

Spices, Dressings, Preserves & Condiments:

Spicing Up Chestnuts: Devilled Chestnuts and Spiced Glazed Chestnuts
Eliza Leslie's Preserved Cherries
Sichuan Peppercorn Salt and Nut Recipe
Cranberry Conserve by Rufus Estes:  A Recipe from 1911
Orange Butter
Citron Watermelon Preserves
Pear Sauce
A Bold 12th c. sauce for the Lords
Kitchen Pepper:  A 19th c. Baltimore Spice Blend
Tarragon Mustard Vinaigrette
Verjuice Vinaigrette
Quince Paste: The First Marmalade
Pickled Green Tomatoes
Preserved Peaches in Brandy and Peach Brandy Syrup
Hot Pot Pickle with Cucumbers
Onion Sauce
Sweet Pickled Plums: A Condiment for Duck and Game
Sorrel Sauce
Ginger Infused Watermelon Rind Preserves
Gingery Pickled Red Cabbage
July 3, 1806: The Introduction of the Cultivated Strawberry (with a strawberry preserve recipe)
Potted Cheshire Cheese
Catch-Up on Ketchup (Cucumber Catsup Recipe)
Kicked Up Ketchup: No, Sugar, No Vinegar Tomato Ketchup Recipe


Flannel Cakes
Anadama Bread: A New England Tradition
Sally Lunn Bread: Moist and Delicious Every Time
Pumpkin Bread, 19th Century Style
Cornbread:  Use the Right Cornmeal and There's No Need for Sugar
400 Years of Cornbread Recipes
Rusks: From Army/Navy Rations to Baby Food
Light Rolls for Breakfast
Corn Pone in Literature and Life
Christmas Stollen
Elizabeth Ellicott Lea's Corn Muffins, 1869
Discover the First Thanksgiving and a Recipe for a 17th-Century Style Berry Cornbread

Entrees and Sides:

Soup a la Crécy: A Carrot Soup Fit for a King

Brunswick Stew
The Cornish Pasty
Cardamom Sweet Potatoes
Sobaheg Stew:  A Wampanoag Inspired Thanksgiving Recipe
18th Century Cheshire Cheese Spread
19th Century Macaroni and Cheese
Medieval Chicken Pasty
Medieval Chicken
Rice:  Perfect Every Time
Crab Recipes From a 19th Century Baltimore Manuscript
Fried Corn: Buttery and Delicious!
White Soup: From the Pages of Pride and Prejudice
Fried Oyster Puffs
Historic Maryland Okra Soups
Cold Veal Loaf (1877)
Poultry in Jelly: A Blast from the Past
To Roast Venison According to John Nott, c. 1723 (with a cullis)
Barm Dumplings: A Truly Barmy Experience!
Meat and Potato Pie From 1904
Chicken Curry in the 19th Century Chesapeake
Poor Knights of Windsor: An 18th Century Drunken Version of French Toast
Francatelli's Veal Cutlets and Bacon: A Recipe for the Victorian Working Classes
To Braise Eggplant According to Bartolomeo Scappi, c. 1570
Oyster Soup with bacon: A 19th Century Baltimore Recipe
White Chicken Fricassee
Forcemeat Balls: Meatballs with an Historic French Flair
Braised Beef with Dumplings with a Taste of a Bygone Era
How the Sausage Gets Made  . . . in a 19th Century Kitchen
Seasoning Chesapeake Bay Blue Crabs Before There Was Old Bay

A Cup of Holiday Cheer: Maryland Style
Tamarind Drink: A Tart and Refreshing Beverage with Roots in Africa
Lemon Syrup: The Basis for a Refreshing Drink in Summer
Shrubs in History and a Recipe for Currant Shrub
Gather 'Round the Punch Bowl (19th c. Recipe for Punch with Lemonade, Peach Brandy and Bourbon)
Lemon Pop: A Fizzy Drink You Can Make at Home
'Flipped' Mulled wine with Eggs and Toast
A Potent 19th century Potable: Regent's Punch
Eggnog: An American Christmas Classic with a British Heritage

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